Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Love Kurdia(Kurdistan)

I love my homeland and its sky,
I love my people, everything so high,

All Kurds sacrifice for its existence,
For its dignity, for its resistance,

My homeland is nice as heaven,
It has been stolen from our nation,

It used to be as dark as rainy clouds,
Now it’s sunny with a bit of light,

We view the gleaming Sun, and feel the light,
God’s law legitimate, his judgment right,

Knock at the Gate of Pesh Khaboor,
Smash the hand made gate of our border,

You are the true love, are you well?
Where the four corner boundaries are joined?

Ring the bell, the bell of (Zoroastrianism), all assemble,
Light a fire on the top of (Zagros) Series Mountains,

Tell the nation, time to be wake, time to get up,
Time to be free, hurry rise up,

North, East and West of the country,
Are still restricted to their boundaries,

In the winter our bride covers in white snow,
Figures’ of the mountains like waists’ of teenagers,

They wear colourful rings on their fingers,
They wear belts on their figures,

In the Spring, wind and the rain blow high,
Flowers will bloom into the graceful Spring eye,

In the winter the journey of hail and snow through the sky,
Control and take care of our eye,

In the mountains and deeply valleys,
The rivers play music very highly,

It is as beautiful as the city of Sydney,
When Sydney wears the colourful outfit,

We can sight here a glorious stunning view,
Full of rainbow and spirits renewed,

Welcome all home before it gets late at night,
The fire raked our home, please bring a light,

Everybody sings for our celebration,
This is the best victory, let’s serve our nation,

Peoples promise and words are binding,
Footsteps of the past are guiding,

My Lords give us joy forever,
Unite all the Kurds together.

دوای تۆ خۆشەویستم

ئاوی ڕوبارەکان لێڵوو وشک بوون!

مۆمی حه زه كان به بێ ڕوناكی كوژانه وه

په پووله ی حه زه كان به بێ سه ما

بارگه یان گواسته وه...

یادگاریه كان تامه زرۆی شه وانی ژوانی

هه ردووكمانن!!!

بولبووله كان به ڕۆشتنی تۆ وه كوو جاران ناخۆێنن!

به ڕۆشتنت گیانه هه رچی حه زوو ئاره زوو بوو

بردتن له گه ڵ خۆت.....

له ئاشقان به جێ مام

عومری لاویم به بێ سوود به ڕێ كرد

ده موو چاوم شێوه ی ڕه نگی پاییزانه ی له خۆ گرت..

به ڕۆشتنت ئازیزم چه ند وه رزی به سه ردا هات

هه ر نه هاتیه وه چه ند چاوه ڕوان بووم!!!

تا شێوه ی خه یاڵیم له خۆ گرت.........

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